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When Jenelle Syverson purchased The Choke Cherry Tree, she moved it to its present location. Conveniently located in the Talisman Plaza Shopping Center, this location is even bigger than the last. The Choke Cherry Tree continues in its tradition of wonderful homemade candies, jams, jellies, syrups and more. Jenelle learned the cooking techniques from Bill, himself, and worked for years cooking the goodies at The Choke Cherry Tree before she purchased it in 2014.

Our History

Bill was just fourteen when his grandmother taught him to make strawberry jam - and he was hooked. Since that time he has made jam or jelly out of just about everything he could think of! He made all our jams, jellies, butters and syrups. (And more...keep reading!)

Bill and Connie opened a shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado in 1999, stocking it with their jams and jellies and a few other items from this part of Colorado. Pagosa Springs is a lovely little town fifty miles from everywhere except the ski area, which is only twenty-five miles away.

Bill and Connie

The founders the late Bill Goddard and Connie Bunte

The first winter they had no snow until New Years day - and no tourists which meant no customers; so Bill passed the time by reading candy books and experimenting with candy. The first few batches weren't anything out of the ordinary, but he kept after it and came up with a winner - our wonderful homemade caramels.

The rest, as they say, is history. In fact, we outgrew our shop and moved to a larger place about 3 miles west of the first shop. The Choke Cherry Tree now also makes chocolate truffles, toffee and our unique chocolate confections called poops.

Inside our store.
Store Kitchen

Interior of our store

Visitors can watch our candy being made.

Best of Pagosa Springs 2011

Thank you Pagosa Springs Sun readers for voting us Best Local Web Site!

The Chokecherry Tree is a proud contributor to these local nonprofit organizations:

Pagosa Springs Humane Society
Chocolate Auction for the Animals

Seeds of Learning Family Center
Fundraising Event

Archuleta County 4-H

The Choke Cherry Tree is proud to be a frequent Title Sponsor of
the Colorfest Balloon Rally in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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Member of the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce


In Memory

"Grandpa" Bill Goddard passed away Friday, May 23, 2008.
His life touched many, from his involvement with numerous charities to his genuine concern and interaction with his loyal customers.
We all miss his unique personality and sense of humor.